Hammond Castle

Wait, how is this not Europe?! You're in for a real coastal adventure when you choose a ride to the Hammond Castle Museum. We recommend this bike ride during the summer months to catch some time on the many beaches of Cape Ann.

Hammond Castle offers tours and events from April - November.

Hammond Castle's interior (image credit: https://addisonchoate.com/)
Ride Summary
  • Stats
    • Distance40mi
    • % Bike Path~25%
    • Modificationsoption for 4.5mi ride
    • Scenerybeaches, forests, towns
    • Real Science Labs?historic lab & library
    • Real Instruments?radio communications
    • Grounds Access?public (admissions charge)
Public Transit: (or choose 100% by bike!)
Optional: Commuter Rail to Manchester-By-The-Sea
Ride Overview

You'll hop on the Northern Strand to Lynn, then connect onto the Marblehead Rail Trail, and enjoy the rapidly improving network of paths in Salem. After some sidewalk riding to survive the Veterans Memorial Bridge into Beverly, you'll transition over to quiet coastal roads for the rest of the ride.

As an alternative, you can ride the Commuter Rail's Rockport line to Manchester by the Sea, catch some sun at Singing Beach (pretty much right in town), and then continue 5 miles to Hammond Castle. Just be sure to double check for any Commuter Rail alerts, because these lines have been undergoing several years of intermittent closures for upgrades.

Brief History

Hammond Castle was built in the 1920's by engineer & inventor John Hays Hammond (1888 – 1965). We still think his work qualifies as science, too. Hammond was a prolific researcher of all things radio communication, and holds over 500 patents, many related to the use of radio for remote control vehicles and boats. His other patents are diverse and often quite whimsical... See you yourself! His castle included laboratory space and a science & engineering library. [Here's a basic informational video on Hammond the Inventor].

Photo Gallery: The Ride

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Photo Gallery: The Science

Here's an example of the exterior grounds.

Hammond Castle exterior grounds

Here's a shot of the building itself. It's hard enough to believe this is just outside of Boston, and even harder to believe there is a laboratory in there.

Hammond Castle ((image credit: https://addisonchoate.com/)

Here is an example of a bookshelf in the main library.

Bookshelf in Hammond Castle library

The giftshop includes many STEM education kits, and a fun note:

Hammond the trickster (a note in the giftshop)

Finally, the former laboratory site also includes various interesting examples of his inventions. We'll leave these rooms for you to explore during your own visit.